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    We offer a positive and problem-solving approach

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    We uphold the principles of social responsibility

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    We provide opportunity for creativity and productivity

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    We get excited about innovation

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    We are amateurs in spirit but good people at heart

The Lobby Communications Consultancy Company has worked with business partners and the business community on a variety of more than 1000 projects since it was founded by Ünal Uzun in 1992. Now in our 20th year, we at Lobby, with our new logo and corporate identity, have separated our areas of business and started a brand new era in event management with our Lobby Event Factory. Drawing from the strength of our past experience, we recognize that the most important guidelines lighting up our path have been our insightful reading of the trends of today and tomorrow and our ability to offer our customers applicable content and concepts. We believe that there is a direct relationship between being successful enough to make a difference in event management and reading a lot, observing a lot and experiencing a lot. Because of this, we consider making a difference in everything we do and adding value to what we do the only realistic criteria in achieving success. The staff of the Lobby Event Factory is made up of dynamic and positive-minded team members who race to pick up the challenge of event management by providing content and concepts beyond expectations. We know that in order for our work to reach its goals, we must be genuine before everything else. We believe that genuineness can only be achieved by forming a relationship with life that is sincere, earnest and positive. We as a team are the first to experience the excitement of our own work, and it is only then that we can expect to transmit our enthusiasm to others.

Social Responsibility At Lobby

The Lobby Event Factory uses the world’s resources for each project it produces for the business world or each event it manages, but does this in the awareness of its responsibilities.
We are aware that the water we use, the power we consume, and the air we breathe are scarce, and we admit our own responsibility in this. We support the TEMA Foundation on a completely volunteer basis, offering this non-governmental organization the benefit of all of our skills and knowledge in event management.

Our Ideals

To maintain our excitement and unlimited capacity to think even when the resources are limited
To be analytical in our planning, meticulous in our implementation, and sharing in our celebration of achievement
To uphold the highest standards and be
an agency that defines new standards